Owner / Master Restaurateur

Matthias DEGOUY

Born between the Alisiers walls, Matthias was first aiming a career in theater and studied in Cours Florent and Studio Pygmalion in Paris. Yet his love for the family house call him back to The Alisiers where he fulfills his need for a strong contact with the public while keeping a focus on excellence.

In the kitchen, he develops a great complicity with Benoit while he passes his professional certificate as a free candidate He made his cooking classes in Illkirch before becoming the manager of The Alisiers in 2006. Since then, the two friends, Chefs d’Alsace and Masters Restaurateurs, hold the kitchen alone and have fun sublimating the flavors of their terroir. His wife Caroline and their two daughters, Elisa and Manon, lend him a hand in this great adventure of a lifetime.

Owner / Sommelier

Caroline DEGOUY

Caroline met Matthias on stage, during their play at high school. As a student, she followed him to the Alisiers, from washing the dishes to waiting on table, and guided his curriculum with the love of the catering trade. At the time of her Bachelor of Marketing Techniques (wine and commerce option) she chose the mention sommellerie in Guebwiller. She exchanged a lot with her teachers and peers, always curious to learn more about this complex yet precise universe.

To design the wine menu, she starts with the raw products chosen by the kitchen, to find the perfect pairings of the moment and changes at the same rhythm as the stove, to ensure a permanent balance. The hundred or so references of The Alisiers are scrupulously tasted by Caroline, which gives a great share to Alsatian and organic wines. She knows each house she works with and ensures that they are accessible to the public so that customers can also meet the winemakers during their stay. Caroline flourishes with her daughters and her husband in this family and very human atmosphere and considers it as a chance to live in this priviledged environment.



Kitchen Chef


Essential conductor of the kitchen of The Alisiers, present for more than ten years beside Matthias, this dad of two children was born in the Valley of Kayserberg and highly values nature and local terroir. He has always been passionate about the magic side of the kitchen and even made his apprenticeship with the restaurateur of the Valley he admires so much ! Very manual and always curious, he is also a beekeeper.